2020-21 Parent Calendar


Every Thursday - In Person and Virtual starting October 22, 2020

Saint Paul United Methodist Church - 11th and M Streets

If you attend in person, check your email for guidelines.  

Rehearsal locations and times:

Concert Choir - 5:20-6:00 pm (Same ZOOM link) 

Sanctuary pews (different seats than used for Chorale)

Chorale - 6:30-7:10 pm (Watch for new ZOOM link) 

Sanctuary pews (different seats than used for Concert Choir)

Cantare - 6:45-7:25 pm (Watch for new ZOOM link) 

Chapel (can be accessed from the vestibule without entering the sanctuary)

ENTRANCE: Boys will enter the sanctuary using the outside stairs to the South of the building on M Street, just to the East (right) of the main door. Parents will not enter the building so that we can keep the number of people inside low. By using this door, we are able to keep the sanctuary and chapel blocked off from the rest of the building. For Cantare, the chapel is accessible directly from the vestibule inside these doors. 

ZOOM link has been sent by email.  If you don't have it, email us here 

If you haven't signed up for text alerts via Remind, emails us for the information to sign up for your choir. Email us here



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