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Auction Ideas

Auction Donations

When you approach a potential aucition item donor,  tell them about the choir and the Waffleman/auction fundraiser. Ask for a donation whether it be money or auction item, and sell them some tickets.  

We will need large live auction items and smaller silent auction items. It can be an item, gift certificate, basket, money, service anything really.  Talking to different people and businesses also raises awareness of the Lincoln Boys Choir with people that may not know about us, so it is a win-win situation no matter what the response is. Don't be afraid to ask anyone and everyone and let them know what a wonderful youth arts organization the Lincoln Boys Choir is. 

Click here for specific Lincoln Businesses to approach

Click here to view the October 2016 auction items

General Ideas 
Friends/Neighbors- they might donate themselves and may have contacts with their work or friends
Work-ask your employer!
Hair Salon/Nail Salon
Piano/Voice/Instrumental Teacher
Massage Therapist/Chiropractor
Realtor/Lawyer/Mechanic/ Financial Advisor
Golf course/Athletic Club
Independent Distributors/ Printer
Restaurants/Fast Food/Coffee shop
Vineyard/ Florist/ Theater
Birthday packages child/adult
Pet Service
Sporting events/sports items
Butcher/Farmer/Rancher – a side of beef, buffalo, hog, and chickens, seasonings etc.
An individual/family/group could auction off a:
    Wine tasting party
    Gourmet meal
    Handyman service or your licensed skill (install a ceiling fan, dishwasher, etc.)
    Hunting/fishing guide service
    Sports package (tailgate, ticket, etc.)
    Theater Package
    Murder Mystery Night
    Doll Clothes
    Wood items
    Play clothes