Uniform Requirements

The three choirs of the Lincoln Boys Choir require casual and formal uniforms.  Some items are purchased through the choir, some through a formal wear store and other items, like khaki pants and shoes, are provided by you.

Photos of uniforms

What is required of the choir I am in? Click the links below:

Concert  (elementary through early middle school age)
Chorale (primarily middle school age)
Cantare (high school age - full tux and a chevron)

The casual uniform includes a polo shirt, with our logo, you provide khakis, jeans, black belt, black socks and black shoes. Some parents have reported that Target is a good place for finding boy's belts. Hoodie or crew neck sweatshirts with our logo  You will buy the polos and sweatshirts from the choir. 

Required Casual Wear:            

                                   Casual uniform no longer includes khaki pants.  Jeans are now the casual uniform pant.

                                   Jeans (blue denim)- medium or dark blue denim, not ripped or frayed (you provide)

                                    Red LBC polo shirt (Concert Choir) (Buy from choir)

                                    Black LBC polo shirt (Chorale & Cantare- middle and high school age) (Buy from choir)

                                    Black socks (you buy)

                                    Black dress shoes – not tennis shoes or Doc Marten/boot type (you buy)

                                    Black belt (you buy) 

OPTIONAL Casual Wear:

                                    Red LBC sweatshirt- crew or hooded (All choirs) (buy from choir) 



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