The formal uniform is purchased directly from Tip Top Tux. 

Required Formal Wear:            

                                   Tux pants from Tip Top Tux

                                   Tux shirt from Tip Top Tux

                                   Solid white undershirt 

                                   Solid black dress socks

                                    Black dress shoes

                                    Black shirt studs from Tip Top Tux 

                                    Red cummerbund and bow tie from Tip Top Tux (Concert Choir)

                                    Black cummerbund and bow tie from Tip Top Tux (Chorale & Cantare)

                                    Tux suit jacket from Tip Top Tux (Cantare only)

                                    Chevron (Cantare only)* This is ordered from the choir for $20. 

What do formal items cost? 

Concert Choir & Chorale will buy bow tie, cummerbund, tuxedo shirt, tuxedo pants:  typically about $75. You provide white undershirt, black socks and black dress shoes.  

Cantare (high school only) jacket is $79 or you may purchase a tux jacket/tuxedo pant combo for $110.  You will already have shirt, bow tie, etc. if you are a continuing member. New Cantare will buy a chevron for $20 from the choir  

Photos of uniform

What is required of the choir I am in? Click the links below:

Concert  (elementary through early middle school age)
Chorale (primarily middle school age)
Cantare (high school age - full tux and a chevron)

Tip Top Tux will do measurements and take payments at an August rehearsal or you can go to their store and be measured and pay. 

You will pay Tip Top Tux directly and will be called by Tip Top Tux for pickup. 

Please understand that items are ordered from their warehouse and are not available off the rack at Tip Top Tux.  Special sizes can take several weeks to arrive. Plan for plenty of time for new items to arrive. 

Tip Top Tux  - 48th and Normal   (402) 483-4373


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