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Prospective Members



General Audition Information

“America” (My Country tis of Thee) Practice Track 

“America” (My Country tis of Thee) Sheet Music 

Sing a scale comfortable in their vocal range. Click here for example

Prospective singers are often recommended for an audition through their school’s music teacher.  However, parents are welcome to contact us directly to make an appointment.

Who’s eligible for an audition?

Boys who will be in grade 3 and up.

Boys who love to sing

Boys who want to sing with other boys who love to sing

Our auditions are meant to be a positive, friendly, and fun experience for your singer.

The audition is completely free and there is no obligation to enroll upon acceptance to one of our ensembles. Consider this an opportunity for mutual discovery.


Full year tuition: $400 (some financial aid available)

Uniform costs: $120 (approximate new cost) gently used uniforms available.

The audition process consists of three parts:

Individual audition.  Auditions only take about 10 minutes to complete.  After filling out the audition inquiry form, you will be contacted with more information about when your singer will audition.

Your singer will then be notified via email regarding the results of their audition.  Possibilities include an invitation for membership in the choir, selection as an alternate, or a request to re-audition the following year after their voice has more time to mature.

New members rehearse for the first time with their choir in August or January (if they start second semester).

Audition Criteria used:

While singers complete the audition with conductor Mr. Scheele and accompanist Mrs. Schumacher, parents will be given more information about the organization and can fill out any necessary paperwork.  Singers will:

Sing the first verse of “America” (My Country tis of Thee) with accompaniment and then acapella.  Memorization is optional, and a copy of the music will be provided.

“America” (My Country tis of Thee) Practice Track 

“America” (My Country tis of Thee) Sheet Music 

Sing a scale comfortable in their vocal range.Click here for example

Echo back 5-note patterns.  Five notes will be played on the piano and the singer will then echo them back singing “la la la.”

We will take note of vocal quality (tone, beauty of sound), listening skills (ability to match pitch), and pitch recall (ability to sing back patterns of notes).  Elementary school aged boys and most middle school boys will sing in an unchanged voice, auditioning for our unchanged voice choirs: Concert Choir (beginning unchanged voices) and Chorale (advanced unchanged voices).  Singers with a changed voice will sing in their lower range and will be auditioning for the changed voice choir, Cantare. We will walk you through all of this during your audition time as well.

Rehearsals are on Thursdays at Saint Paul United Methodist Church for all choirs.  We typically follow the LPS school calendar for our start date, breaks, and weather-related closures.  More information about our affordable tuition and uniform costs will be shared at the audition as well.